Awards and Recognition

Significant Achievements

· As on June 2016, The Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE), Kunjaban offers 2 years B.Ed course and 2 M.Ed. course.

· Since 1964, The Institute has been publishing An Annual Magazine, 'Srijoni' to inform, engage, inspire and entertain a diverse readership – including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other friends of the Institute – by presenting an intimate, and an honest portrait of the college, its people, its programs, its history, its challenges, its resources and its mission. This magazine endeavors to reflect the values and the quality of the institution itself. By maintaining the respect and interest of its readers the magazine aspires ultimately to inform their opinion of the college and to strengthen their commitments to its welfare.

· The College has MoUs with institutions of national importance and other universities etc. The MoU with Centre of Directorate of Distance Education, Tripura University has become functional from 1996, so as to run the B.Ed. program in distance mode. Since 1999 IASE, Kunjaban is a study centre of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. The MoUs have contributed in enhancing the quality and output of teaching-learning, research and development activities of the College. This tradition of state and national level collaborations and programmes initiated in the year 1996 is flourishing into diverse directions of academics.

· As a reputed Institute of Teacher Education of North East India, The Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE), Kunjaban, Govt. of Tripura organized A Seven-Day MHRD Sponsored Workshop on Modern Trends and Strategies in the Arena of Educational Research in January, 2016.

· IASE, Kunjaban in collaboration with Tribal Research and Cultural Institute, Govt. of Tripura organized a National Level Seminar on "Educating Tribal Children of Tripura: issues & remedies with special reference to Tripura" in March, 2016.

Contributions in the field of Education

The main focus of the College has been rural and urban development. The students of IASE, Kunjaban are visiting the nearby slum areas and other nearby villages and are organizing work camp for about 7 to 10 days and are engaging them to clean the roads and localities etc.

Some of the other outreach programs organized by the College through the social work department:

· Annual Blood Donation Camp

· Annual work camp in villages (College to Village)

· Shishu Mela for underprivileged children

· Awareness programs on social issues like HIV / AIDS, gender, child abuse etc.

· Green Clean Neighborhood campaign

· Village visits for education

· Service to orphanages, old age homes etc.

· Adoption of villages affected by Natural Calamities

· Campus cleanliness Drive

· Surveys in neighbourhood slums

· Annual rural camps of 7-10 days duration.

· Observance of Independence Day, Republic Day, Women's Day, National Education Day.

· Responding to Natural Calamities like Floods, Cyclone, Tsunami, Earthquake etc.

Students' campus experience gets enriched when they become part of the whole process of the outreach programmes. They get an opportunity to see the reality of our State and our Country. This helps them value the privileges they have and also develop a sense of concern and responsibility towards the have nots.

· Records of these visits are documented.

· Regular evaluations are held to monitor progress.

The College conducts: -

· Awareness programs on Persons with Special Need

· Green Clean Neighborhood throughout the year

· Disaster Management Programs

· Women's Day celebration addressing issues like Domestic Violence, Child Marriage, Education of Girl Children and General Safety.

· Art workshop for the rural children for career oriented empowerment.

IASE, Kunjaban has always endeavored to make its educational services available to all meritorious students from all segments of our society. If a student is found deficient, or is a slow learner, immediate measures through remedial and tutorial classes are introduced to ensure that the student is raised to the required bar. In addition, once the students who would require special assistance are identified, tutorial classes and remedial courses are organized for such students to enable them to cope up with the programs of study. The faculties monitor the way students respond in class. Based on this observation the advanced learners are identified. The students are provided with additional guidance after the classes whenever necessary. The faculties also provide these students with study material. Specialized facilities such as JStor, Inflibnet are available to the students in the library for academic use. At the departmental level, mini research projects are arranged by M.Ed. department for the learners to promote research orientation among the students.

The students are encouraged to participate in intra-college and inter-college projects, quizzes, debate competitions, drama competitions etc.

The institution caters to the needs of differently-abled students and ensure adherence to government policies in this regard. Govt. policies for differently-abled students are followed. In addition, a number of facilities are offered to the differently-abled students –

· Diverse facilities such as ramps at the entry points of the college building.

· The library is manned by adequate number of assistants to help the students according to their individual needs.

· PWD washrooms and drinking water facilities are made available to the students.

The institution plants tree every year to make the campus green. It has conducted campaigns for conservation of and against wastage of water. The NSS volunteers look after the cleanliness of the campus and also participate in campus cleaning programs. There are a number of litter bins for disposal of waste materials. The student participants were made aware of the importance of the day. Rallies were conducted to promote awareness for protecting environment.

Awards and Recognitions Received

· Mr. Nabarup Ganguly and Ms. Sudipta Paul, (students of B.Ed. 2nd Semester) received 2nd Prize in the 1st students' Project Programme – An Initiative of Tripura State Council for Science & Technology, organised by Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Agartala, Tripura, in March, 2016.

Mr. Uttam Nath and Ms. Sushmita Paul, (students of B.Ed. 2nd Semester) received 3rd Prize in the 1st students' Project Programme – An Initiative of Tripura State Council for Science & Technology, organised by Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Agartala, Tripura, in March, 2016.

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